Yoga and Retreat Package

We are offering best yoga and meditation package program. We provide yoga teacher in your trekking. We collaborates with Shanti Yoga Ashram situated in the breathtaking panorama of the capital, Kathmandu valley. The below package programs provide by Ashram.

Yoga Packages:

Introductory Yoga course                         4 days

Systematic Yoga course                          6 days

Intensive Yoga course                              1 Month

Advanced Sadhana course

a) Kundalini                                                  30 days

b) Kriya Yoga                                                10 days

c) Prana Vidya( Science of energy/Reiki) 10 days

d) Tantra Meditation                                     10 days

Basic Ayurved and Pancha karma             2 months

Advanced Ayurved and Pancha Karma     4 months