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Sunkoshi river rafting ( 7 to 10 Days)

Sunkoshi, the gold river is truly a golden treasure of Nepal. Rated by National geographic and many other international adventure experts, Sunkoshi river offers one of the top ten best rafting adventure in the world. With 270 KM of overwhelming journey, this is also the longest river journey offered by Nepal. This river offers -5 to +5 class whitewater adventure, making it one of the most challending river in the world.

Born in the great Himalayas, the gold river is joined by another ruthless rafting river Bhotekoshi increasing the overall intensity. The river journey will pass through the great Mahabhrat mountain range and some of the most faulty himalayan lines. The overwhelming giant waves and intense rapids will demand everything you have got to fight with. This will be pure adrenaline hell and also a sensational candy.

The first two days of the rafting trip days will lead you in class 3 and 4 torrents in order to establish and maintain a group synchronization and teamwork. From the third day on, the real battle will begin. Every five hours of rafting per day will be a moment to cherish and relish forever.

Needless to say, rafting in Sunkoshi river is recommended for intermediate or advance rafters, although some fit adventurer may sport their game too. Just remember, Sunkoshi is a river to never underestimate. The river will never dissapoint it’s fierce world class reputation.

Nepal one tours and travels organizes one of the best Sunkoshi river rafting trips in the country. Our certified international standard rafting professionals will lead you through the meticulously planned and organized rafting trips where you will get to play with high quality top of the range rafting gears.

For now, here is a brief itinerary of our Sunkoshi rafting trip program:


After a bountiful breakfast at you hotel in Kathmandu, we will drive to Dolalghat. Dolalghat is our put-in point. After a important briefing from our guides, we will do a short class 3 rafting trip to Tarang Gaun. Overnight stay in there.

From Tarang gaun we will raft down to Dumja following the 3 to 4 class rapids. After about 4 hours of rafting we will set up a camp near Mahadev temple.

From today, will start the real Sunkoshi overdrive. Rafting through the unforgiving waves and wild torrents, we will head to Khurkot. This will be a about 6 hours of battle, in which we will pass by numerous villages, including the fishing villages of kodari and Chamera Vhir.

Another unforgettable excitements will await us. This day our campsite and destination will be the Likhu-khola. We will raft for about 5 hours through some of the remotest and beautifu hillside, valleys and jungles.

We will raft to Harkapur this day, passing through deep gorges, deeper jungles with exciting wildlife and fantastic sceneries. This will be about 6 hours of labor.

Is what we call the rollar coaster day. Today we will have to raft through rapids that rule the rafting legends. So, the stakes are high and our guides have their reputation to keep. You will get to see the high class skills of our guides and no doubt break records of your own. We will fight with several giant rapids,including the famous Bridge rapidsKrishna rapids and the Mangal rapids. Our ultimate destination is Rai-ghat at about 6 hours of river journey.

Churn churn churn, paddle!, paddle!, paddle!, teamwork!, teamwork!, teamwork!!! are the today’s special in our rafting menu. We will face the giant stopper waves, deepest drop holes and scary eddies of the Sapsu Khola. By the time we reach Bander-ghat, our campsite, we will have learned whole new meaning of tough love this day.

Another stupendous journey will be paddled through today. After the Mardekhu gorge, the river will widen, a true blessing for your lungs, heart, shoulders and on second thought your whole body cells. We will camp in the riverbanks of the Banjar-ghat, a approximately 6 hours of rafting trip.

The day will entail a much more relaxing rafting trip and paddling pace. After about 6 hours of river journey, we will reach the solace of Barahchettra.

After a short rafting to the Chatara, we will have completed our Sunkoshi rafting expedition. With chest full of pride, hands full of new friend’s hands and heart full of truly unforgettable memories, we will part our ways with a biggest smile on our face and our own legacy.

From here, you can take a short drive to Biratnagar to take a flight, or catch a night bus wtih us to kathmandu or take a relaxing jungle retreat in the Koshi Tappu national park or Chitwan national park.

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