The Golden temple

The Golden temple:

One of the most beautiful temples of the kathmandu valley, located at the north of the Patan Durbar square is the golden temple of Budhha. It is believed to have been built by king Vaskar Barma on the 12th century although it’s existence has been recorded on 1409 earliest. This three roof Buddhist monastery adorned with agolden façade, four large gateways, a clock tower and two lion sculpture.

On the entryway you will see a Kalachakra mandala (deathring mandala) carved into the ceiling.Inside is a very richly decorated temple with golden roof and a self-arisen chaitya. You will see a very beautiful statue of Shakyamuni (lord Budhha) and in the far right of the courtyard is a statue of Vajrasattva wearing silver and gold cape.The four corners of the shrine have statues of four Lokeshvaras and four monkeys holding jackfruit as an offering. On the south side there is another impressive image of Tara.

Golden temple is one of the perfect example of the valley’s peaceful people and the peaceful coexistence of the Hindu and Buddhist religion not only in practice but also in the arts and architecture. It is a must visit if you are in Patan Durbar square site.