Bagh Bhairab Temple

Bagh Bhairav Temple is sacred to both Hindus and Buddhists. Bagh Bhairav Temple is dedicated to Deity Bhairav in the of a tiger. This god is regarded as the protector of Kirtipur and the locals call it Ajudeu, a grandfather god. This temple was build between 1099 and 1126 AD by Shiva Deva. The temple falsehood at the height of 1405 m from sea level, from where an attractive view of Kathmandu valley can be seen.

The temple is rectangular and deceit within the area of 1500 sqm. There is a Temple Torana to the left of the way in with Vishnu riding Garuda. Bhairav in the center of Ganesh and Kumar is below them. To the right of the Bagh Bhairava Mandir stands an interesting figure thought to be of Kirti mata, mother of Kirtipur, depicted on her back giving birth to a still unnamed creature. Other sculptures in the locality of the temple include the Ashta Matrikas (the eight mother deities) dating from the 3rd or 4th century and a rare iconic portrayal of Shiva from the 6th century. These survivals from the Licchavi age show the site to be among the oldest in the valley. The upper division of the temple is covered with words and shields that belonged to the drove of Kirtipur, who were crush by the army of King Prithvi Narayan Shah. Sacrifices are prepared here on Tuesday and Saturday mornings. The squat 16th century temple has wood-carvings and wall paintings, a rare grouping in the Katmandu Valley. The paintings regrettably are almost unrecognizable.

The temples were renovated in the time 1515 AD, 1803 AD, 1850 AD and 1961 AD.