Fewa Lake

Fewa Lake is located at center of Pokhara Valley which covers the area of 4.43km2(1.7sq m) with an average depth of about 8.6m (28ft). It is the second largest lake in Nepal after Rara Lake in Mugu district in Nepal. It offers an excellent view of Mountain ranges and their reflections. It is the main attraction of Pokhara Valley, where many tourists go for a visit. In this lake, tourists can do adventurous activities like boating, standing paddle and swimming etc. The main attraction of this lake is Barahi temple which is situated in the middle of Fewa Lake. Tourists can go there by boating. Many tourists go there to do some refreshment and relaxation.

Fewa Lake is one of most popular destination which is visited by the tourists in huge no. In Fewa Lake tourist can view beautiful scenary and can enjoy the peace environment of this Lake. In Fewa Lake, many tourist hotels are available with best accommodation facilities. Fishing and boating are the most popular attractions of this lake. Tourist can hire a boat for couple of hour and can go to the other side of lake by enjoying the beautiful nature of lakeside. Along the lake there is a popular road called lakeside road where there are different restaurants, bar, hotels and sovereign shops. Tourist can do cycling around the lakeside area.