Peaceful place in kathmandu

A moment of Peace from Kathmandu:

The charm of Kathmandu valley also lies on the chaotic mix of all hyper energies and admittedly, after staying a while in the city, it may get you into a sensory overload. As Gabi Moccata from lonely planet describes it, “Kathmandu is chaotic, mesmerizing, fascinating, living and exhausting.”

So, whenever you find yourself in need of peace and quiet moment with yourself, you should find yourself in these tranquil places. They are inside Kathmandu and yet far from the K K krazy Kathmandu:

Garden of dreams:

You may never have thought about it but just on the outskirts of the touristic hub of Thamel, you will find a small door that is a gateway into the European I-relax- world. Take a map from the gate’s ticket counter, lie on the beautiful green lawns surrounded by beautiful ponds, palm trees, lilies, Greek styled designs and just relax….. Read your favorite book, get into a relaxed coffee talk with a good company, hum along to your favorite classics on the iPod or who cares, just take a nap enjoying the warm day or a  mesmerizing lights of the evening.


Bhaktapur durbar square:

A world heritage site, famously crowned as the medieval city, Bhaktapur will be a perfect place to take a lazy stroll into the world of 16th and 17th century of the Malla dynasty crafts, culture, heritage and lifestyle. Visit the pottery square where the locals have been making the traditional clay crafts and pots for generations, find the hidden courtyards, peek into the workshops of wooden craftsmen and just soak into the timeless ambience.


Changu Narayan temple:

On a 30 minutes of drive and 3 hours walk from the Bhaktapur durbar square lies the Nepal’s oldest surviving Hindu temple on top of a small hillock. A place filled with legends, it will also give you a very good opportunity to do a short day trip hike too. Maybe go down to the Shankhu village, walking between the rice terrace and potato fields, or hike up to Telkot and take a bus to Nagarkot on the top or return back to Bhaktapur below.


Nagarjun forest reserve:

Also called the Queen’s forest or Rani Ban in Nepali, in just about four kilometer away from Thamel, you will find this peaceful lap of Gaia.  Go cycling or just hike the roads up to the top, get into and amidst the sanctuary of more than 318 bird species, deer and monkeys. One good and strict advice though, do not go solo as there have been some security issue in the past.


Other than the above four Boudhnath stupa, swoyambhunath stupa, Kapan monastery, Godawari are also a worth try for recharging your energies and buckle up for your next adventure in Nepal. Till then, Happy Travels!!