Travel Nepal in September

From mid-September to November it is the best time to travel in Nepal. Autumn seasons starts in Nepal from the mid-september which is the best season to travel Nepal because of its likelihood of getting clear skies best for mountain photography as monsoon rains and clears out the dust and pollution from the air which make the valley looks magnificent with blooming flowers. The weather starts to get stable and reliable. September month is probably known as the better time to visit in Nepal since it marks festival seasons with lots of lights and music on the streets of Kathmandu.

Many interesting and colourful festivals takes place in Kathmandu valley in the month of September. Teej, Yenya (Indra Jatra & Kumari Jatra) and Biswakarma Pooja which are the popular festivals of Nepal that is celebrated in the month of September. Teej is a colourful fasting festival which is celebrated by the women of Hindu community. On the special occasion of Teej you can find women dressing in red bright costumes and bridal dresses participating in traditional rituals and dances in the temple of Lord Shiva. Yenya means the Kathmandu festivals which is the celebration of both Indra Jatra and Kumari Jatra. It is the largest festival in Nepal which expects huge crowd in Kathmandu especially in Kathmandu Durbar Square. In this festivals you will get to see the living goddess of Kathmandu blessing people on her from chariot and people pulling tall pole on a chariots.Biswakarma puja is a worship of lord of architecture or engineering, Lord Biswakarma. On the day of Biswakarma Puja you can see people worshiping their vehicle along with machinery. Red and white cloth and holy treads are offered to vehicles and machinery in this day


Average temperature and rainfall:

Kathmandu: temperature min- max—20c – 29c / Av. Rainfall 164mm

Pokhara: temperature min-max—20c to 29c / Av. Rainfall 573mm

Chitwan : temperature min-max—22c – 32c / Av. Rainfall 201mm


Places to visit:

  •    Kathmandu Valley
  •    Chitwan
  •    Lumbini
  •    Pokhara
  •    Namo Buddha
  •    Daman
  •    Manang/Mustang
  •    Palpa
  •    Illam
  •    Nagarkot and Dhulikhel



  •    Teej
  •    Rishi Panchami
  •    Indra Jatra