Travel Nepal in June

June: Travel Nepal in June

June to August is the monsoon season in Nepal. So if you are travelling in this months make sure you have your umbrella and rain coat ready with you. You will get amazing experience travelling in these months. If you are travelling to Nepal on this season, it is best if you just tour around the valley and the other hilly reason. Due to the rain we do not recommend you for trekking as it will be difficult, unless you are ready to fight leeches, slippery road and downpours.

You may rather do some volunteering work in the Kathmandu valley’s children’s home, Public schools or Tibetan refugee center. If you love to om away for spirituality, spend some weeks in the Kapon monastery or in Namo Buddha and learn Buddhisms and Buddhist meditation.  For your artful soul join in one of the Traditional Thangka Painting schools of the valley and drown yourself into the world of details, techniques and colors.

If you are visiting for culture and lifestyle observation you will enjoy travelling Nepal. The monsoon season brings opportunities for happiness and earning livelihood for the farmer Nepalese.June and July, the monsoon season in Nepal is like festival because this season people are happy as they can cultivate their field which will yield food for them for a year in this agriculture country. Farmers cultivate paddy in field, celebrate ashar 15 eating Yoghurt and beaten rice. There used to be a culture that if any one dies during this cultivation time they make the dead body making assumption that “one is dead but if cultivation does not happen on time whole family will be dead”. So only after finishing their work they go for the funeral program.

In Terai region people go to their own field to catch fish after a rainy day. The fields close to rivers have fish on their fields, the flood on the river takes fish to the field nearby which leads happiness to the farmers with such windfall gain on their field.

Average temperature and rainfall:

Kathmandu: temperature min- max—20c – 31c / Av. Rainfall 270mm

Pokhara: temperature min-max—20c to 31c / Av. Rainfall 620mm

Chitwan : temperature min-max—23c – 36c / Av. Rainfall 291mm

Places to visit:

  •          Boudhnath
  •          Swoyambhu
  •          Sankhu village
  •          Bhaktapur
  •          Patan
  •          Kathmandu
  •          Dakshinkali temple



1.Nirjala  ekadeshi brata : It is more like a ritual than a festival. On this day Nepalese people specially the women fast without drinking water for their family’s good health and the farmers pray for good harvest. According to Sanskrit Vedic calendar the Ekadeshi is  the 11th of every month, which for Nepalese culture is a chance to purify their body for the day by not having any meat dishes.

2.Asar pandra: It is also more like a tradition than a festival exactly. It is the 15th of Nepali month Asar, when farmers starts planting rice and people enjoy eating beaten rice and yoghurt together.

Especially people from India travel to Nepal in these months. If you are travelling to Nepal please contact Nepal One Tours for booking by email or you can directly call to our sales team 009779849054872