Travel Nepal in july

July: Travel Nepal in July

It is the most wet month in Nepal. If you are travelling to Nepal this month, you can do the activities such as volunteering, culture tourism and learning thangka painting, suggested  for  June. Even better since this month is the main rice plantation season for the Nepalese farmers, join in with them. Go to Pokhara or Bhaktapur and take part in the rice plantation with the locals. In fact in Pokhara they hold a Mud festival right around this month where various fun games like mud race, rice plantation race, plowing field race and relays are organized.

Or even in the valley, help the farmers or at least try to. Besides the amazing knowledge of rice plantation, the traditional way, you will gain bragging rights back in your hometown (no pun intended). The farmers will teach you their Asare songs to sing.

Do visit the Naagpokhari pond  or Taudaha of Kathmandu to watch the Naag Puja in the Naag panchami festival.

Lord Buddha has called this season “Barshawas” referring this season is a best time for meditation. It may be difficult to travel as there are flood, mud, rain on the environment and on the other hand rainy season helps on getting more concentration while meditation. This is also called the artistic season for the deep souls as the rain brings people’s innermost melancholy emotions and fantasies. It is also the favorite time of the poets and painters.

Lots of gorgeous natural stream occurs after rain in the hilly region. It is believed that taking shower on these streams falling from high altitude has a medicinal value for the treatment of tumor. The greeneries that entails in this month is another plus.


Average temperature and rainfall:

Kathmandu: temperature min- max—21c – 30c / Av. Rainfall 384mm

Pokhara: temperature min-max—21c to 30c / Av. Rainfall 908mm

Chitwan : temperature min-max—24c – 33c / Av. Rainfall 390mm


Places to visit:

  • Pashupatinath temple
  • Changu village
  • Taudaha Lake
  • Bungmati and Khokana village
  • Sankhu village
  • Gosaikunda
  • Naagpokhari
  • Pokhara Kathmandu Patan and Bhaktapur
  • Lumbini and Namo Buddha
  • Nuwakot
  • Illam


  • Naag Panchami
  • Hile Jatra
  • Panjaran