Travel Nepal in February

Travel Nepal in the month of February in 2015 :

February is still winter in Nepal, however it is also one fo the good month to travel here. The weather remains mostly, dry without rain and pleasant. The weather is mostly clear, providing good views of the mountains and the Himalayas. So it is a good time to visit hill station viewpoints like Nagarkot, Dhulikhel, Kakani,Daman and Pokhara. The night will be cold so as the mornings and evenings are also cooler but the best part will be the day time, it will be a warm and you can enjoy the warm sun in the mid day. Sunbathing in the day will be the best thing to do in Nepal in february.

You may also like to do a mountain flight over the Himalaya to see the Everest and all the other mountains. It is warmer in Pokhara and Chitwan on this month than the Kathmandu valley.

Although high trekking pass and mountaineering may be still be difficult, after the mid month, trekking like Chorepani, Poonhill, ABC, Langtang, chisapani etc are fairly good to go. From late February, the season of the Rhododendrons in Nepal starts, thus you will also get to enjoy the rare 9 types of flower species along those trek trails.

If you are visiting Nepal in february try to stay until the Shiva Ratri Festival and visit the Pashupatinath temple on that day. You will see some seriously freaky yoga and meditation positions of the Hindu holy men.

Average temperature and rainfall:

Kathmandu: temperature min- max—4c – 20c / Av. Rainfall 21mm

Pokhara: temperature min-max—8c to 21c / Av. Rainfall 31mm

Chitwan : temperature min-max—8c – 26c / Av. Rainfall 20mm

  Places to visit:

  •       Chitwan
  •       Pokhara
  •       Nagarkot
  •       Daman
  •       Dhulikhel
  •      Kakani
  •      Lumbini
  •      Pashupatinath temple
  •      Haleshi Mahadev, Khotang


As said before in the January section the festival of Maghe Sakranti denotes the start of auspicious times for the year long festivals. Here are the list of festivals that take place this month.

  •         Shree Basanta panchami
  •         Shiva Ratri
  •         Maghi Purnima