Udhauli is the festival celebrated by Kirati people of eastern Nepal. Udhauli means the downward which remarked as the migration of birds and animals from cold regions to warmer regions. There is a belief that from this day the winter seasons starts. This is the second part of the Rai Community’s nature and farming celebration festival that takes place in Decemeber. It marks the harvesting season for the crops they have planted after the Uvhauli’s celebrations. Much like Uvhauli the various clans of the Rai community get together and organize Sakela programs playing various musical instruments like Dhol, Jhyamta etc. in the open fields of the country like Tudikhel of Kathmandu. On this day Kirati women wear “Chhit ko Gunyeo” in different patterns of designed. The event of Kirati people has also been states in Mundhum (holy book of Kirati people). This event is also called Bhumi Puja (worship of land) where Kirati people worship Mother Nature asking for cultivation of crops during the season of April and thanking the god for giving good crops during this current season.

Do: Visit tudikhel and dance in the rhythm of sakela sili dance with the Rais who are though known for being very strong and brave, thus a fearful race (most of  Gurkha regimen in British comprises of them), they are even more popular for being peaceful, smiling and friendly souls. Maybe you can learn to play some traditional Nepali Instruments like their drums from them.