Ghode Jatra

Ghode Jatra, the Horse Racing Day falls on the last week of March. Ghode jatra literally means Horse Festival. A grand horse parade takes place at Tundikhel, the central point of the city reputed to have been in the former days the largest parade ground in Asia. This festival is held to mark the start of New Year.  Ghode Jatra is known as the oldest festival celebrated in the country’s cultural hub of the valley.  It is more of a cultural and social event grown over the centuries for its political importance. As per a mythology which relates the genesis of the festival after the death of demon named Tundi, this festival is being celebrated annually. There is a belief that the parade of horses at Tundikhel keeps the demon’s spirit away. The faster the horses run the better Tundi’s spirit dispelled. Earlier King and his family used to be the chief guest to witness this festival. Nevertheless, it is sight to watch different kinds of Horse riding tricks and performances from the Nepalese Soldiers. You will find the crowd packed around the Tudikhel on this day to watch the horse show for free. So if you are in visiting Nepal on last week of March at least ask you tour guide bout the Ghode Jatre (Horse Festival) in Kathmandu.

Do: it is obvious, go to Tudhikhel, our suggestion is early and it is best if you view this performance from one of the Sky bridges around this ground.