This festival is celebrated on the early September. It’s full name is Haritalika teej. It is celebrated by Nepali women, for the long life of her husband and long and firm relationship between them until the death of this life and all the lives to come. It is observed for marital happiness, well-being of spouse and children and purification of own body and soul.The single ladies take part in this festival to wish for an ideal husband with selected traits. It is the most famous festival among Nepali women.

On this day Nepalese women fast without even drinking water and visit the Lord Shiva temples, especially the Pashupatinath temple, fully clad in Red Sarees and red heavy bangles, to do the Shiva Puja. It is believed that the Goddess Parvati persuaded Lord Shiva to marry her by taking this fast and worshipping him with pure heart.They visit their parents home, get together with friends and sing and dance all day and night. It is fascinating to see women, in “Red” dancing and singing on the street, going to temple in holy and fasting mood. Teej is also called Hari Talika Teej. This festival is celebrated by Nepali Hindu women all across the world.

Do: Visit Pashupatinath temple or any nearest Shiva temple to see Nepalese women in red, waiting, singling and dancing to worship lord Shiva. You will see their groups along the streets as well. Maybe the single ladies can also join them, even if you are not fasting, to wish for your ideal partner.