Adventure activities in Nepal

Needless to say with the 8 highest mountains of earth is accomodate by the country (including Mt. Everest 8848m) while it is already filled with the great himalayan series and countless complex geological structures, Nepal holds the crown for the number one country in the world for mountaineering and trekking. Plus the country is already is world renowned for the astonishing and hair raising top of the range whitewater rafting/kayaking experiences.

On top of that, the rich exotic culture, ancient history, top artistry and architectural masterpeices in Asia, you name it, Nepal has it all. But, does Nepal stops at that? No, Nepal has a lots and loads more for you in its store. On more it offers various other hair raising, skin crawling, heart -in -the -mouth- experience adventure activities that will make every adventure seeker feel in complete heaven.

So what are those top of the world experiences? You are at  exactly the right place, find them out right here.


Did you know paragliding in Pokhara, Nepal is considered one of the top ten air adventure sports? If you didn’t , now you do and it is a high time you make a huge use of this little information. Fly over the stunning lakes, villages, foothills, temples and monasteries, share the airspace with the Himalayan griffin vultures, pay up close homage to the great Himalayas and be and feel truly free mind and soul. Contact Nepal tours and travels for a truly wonderful and fulfilling paragliding experience in Nepal.

Mountain biking:

Forget the usual mediocre biking trips, here in Nepal, ride through the deep valleys and the hanging rice terrace fields, foothills that are larger than any mountains you may have seen before, jungles no less thicker than the rain forests and most importantly,follow the paths of  none other than the great himalayan trails. If you have got a true wonerlust and have this inexplicable overwhelming need to taste the adventures this lonely planet has to offer, you are exactly in the right place. From easy day biking trips to the villages of the kathmandu and pokhara valley to embarking on unforgettable journey to the Annapurna circuit, the Manaslu trails and the upper/lower Mustang, a kingdom hidden behind the mountains, Nepal will test the edges of your spirits and you will test the edge of the Himalayan country.

Bungee Jumping:

Imagine yourself on the edge of a 525 ft high, suspension bridge, looking down at the unforgiving wild Bhotekoshi river flowing through the scariest gorge and …. can you imagine how it will feel to take a deep breath and jump from there, shatter the winds gushing around loudly and just let yourself go freefalling down and down and down. If you can and if can’t wait for the taste of this one of a kind experience, join with us and together we will embark on this quest to make a free fall down the world’s second deepest natural bungee jumping spot. Even better!, get the bragging rights with your own movie and  a survival T-shirt to mark to mark this sensational drop dwon the earth.

Zip lining:

This is NOT just another zipline, this is the most extreme Zip flying in the World. Defy the gravity with this 2000 ft high and 1.8 Kilometer long, over 160 KMPH speed ride. It is officially the tallest, longest and fastest Zip lining in the World. And a not to miss, ever, pure adrenaline override activity.

Ultralight flights:

After all of the most extreme of adventure given above how does floating over the sky in a ultra light aircraft, gazing over the most spectacular views of the mountains, lakes, valleys and the villages sound? 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 60 minutes and/or 90 minutes, this is a truly unique and beautiful experience you should not miss. So hurry up and join in with us for this enchanting journey.

For further details and bookings please contact Nepal one tours office.