March 22, 2023

Holi Cheer Has Been Stood

Holi is the festival of color, friendships and love. This festival is also known as fagu Purnima where fagu is the sacred red powder and purnima means the full moon. Holi is celebrated in full moon day in month of Falgun. It is also known for welcoming summer and spring and also observed to get blessing of god for coming harvests and fertility of the land.

In Nepal holi starts one week before the main day of Holi. There is a ritual of erecting the long bamboo stick (lingo) covered with pieces of different colors clothe (chir) in Basantapur Durbar Square, Kathmandu at the beginning of the week. To mark the end of the Holi festival the lingo is taken down and the chir is burnt. The event is called Chir Haran or Holika Dahan.

On the day of Holi people go to their houses of relatives and friends in groups to celebrate the Holi. They celebrate holi with Color, Water, sweets and music.  People put color on each other as a token of love. People put different beautiful colors on each other eat sweets, dance, play music and move whole day. In Terai people celebrate Holi the next day from the hilly region of Nepal.

Now days people used balloons (Lola) and Plastic water guns (pichakari) filled with colored water throw on each other from the main week ahead of main Holi days in Nepal specially kids. People collects woods and burn fires, perform dances and play music’s with some drinks and makes jokes on this day.

On the occasion of Holi festival there is an official holiday in Nepal. Offices, colleges, schools are closed on holi in hilly region and the very next day in Terai region to celebrate it.

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