Janai Purnima

This festival is selebrated on the Nepalese month of Shrawan, on the full moon day of August.This festival is also called Raksha Bandhan and Mahakumbha Mela.

Janai Purnima is the festival of Sacred Thread. That sacred thread is Janai (worn by men only) and raksha Bandhan (worn by both men and women on the wrist).Janai is regarded as symbol of body, speech and mind, and when the knots are tied the person wearing it is supposed to gain complete control over each of them. Raksha Bandhan plays the role of protective charm.

On this day every Hindu ties a raksha Bandhan(orange, yellow or red thread)on the wrist by the priests and Men change their Janai.On this day, there is a big Mela (fair) at Khumbeshwor, Lalitpur. Special dish called Kwati is cooked and enjoyed for good health.

Do: visit the temples of the country, especially Gokarna and Pashupatinath to see men doing ritual bath and men and women changing their Janai or Raksha Bandhan threads.