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Suggestions for new arriving tourists by Nepal One Tours and Travels. 

While you are travelling in Nepal it may be imperative for you to pay attention to some points, as you may come across a series of new experiences in this unique-in-world place. Many people of Nepal may appear reluctant by their habit to present themselves the way you might want, as they have adopted their own age-old culture and tradition. While keeping this in mind, the following statements could provide you better comfort, happiness and more pleasure.

In your trek, you will come in contact with many village schools, then and there. Please plan and communicate you ideas, knowledge and experiences with the local school teachers, so that a multiplier effect of your message and interaction could be transferred to all the children.

Never encourage children to beg. It might give you a temporary satisfaction. But the young children could turn to professional beggary tomorrow. Try and be amiable and social with your trekking party and guides. While taking photographs, be sure that you are not interfering with the public privacy, or disturbing them or their comfort in anyway.  

Respect the villagers and their traditions. In turn, they will give you warm hospitality with all their soul. When you trek, ultimately you will enter into the wilderness. There you are alone, with your posters and nature. If possible, please try to make your children know, how they could learn to respect nature and natural resources. Please discourage using campfire. If you really need one, you can ask your porters to collect dead branches and twigs from the group. Be sure the fire is out and refuse is buried before leaving the campsite.

Never buy any wildlife or animal products from local poachers. If it is orchids, rocks, etc., do not buy them unless you have the permission from the concerned office for scientific useful research. Cutting trees, shooting wildlife and fishing without license are strictly prohibited. Always have your camp at the prescribed site. If there is no arrangement for shelter, do not camp inside bushes by cutting away the branches of trees.

Be sensitive not to do anything to pollute the clear mountain water or litter the path with cigarette butts, tin cans, toilet papers, etc. Please bury or dispose them in the waste box if you come across one.  Do not mark initials on trees and rocks. Nature is more beautiful when left undefiled by hands. The people will dearly welcome you and wish you a nice journey, bestowing on you a feel-at-home cordiality.

On the way of trekking or mountaineering, please behave with local children as if they were members of your family. Give them a pencil, paper literature or books that they read instead of cigarettes, chocolates and other foodstuff. Talk with children and local residents and give them useful knowledge on self-help, technical know-how, and humanitarian messages and so on. Your noble behavior with the rural children and people will have more a productive and beneficial impact for your next visit in those areas. These, however, are only simple suggestions and not sharp instructions. May you have a memorable and welcome stay in Nepal...

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