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Ram Nawami falls around the first week of April.It is celebrated as Lord Ram's Birthday. Lord Ram is the 7threincarnation of Lord Bishnu (one of the three most important gods in Hinduism). His whole life story has been explained in the beloved epic Ramayana.

This festival is especially celebrated with much pomp at Janaki temple in Janakpur city, which lies in southern Nepal. In Kathmandu many people, including the head of the government, go to the temples to pay homage to Ram, while symposiums are held to exalt the ideal life he lived. In Bhaktapur, the neighboring town of Kathmandu, the people go to the banks of the river Hanumante, where a temple bearing the idols of Ram and his loyal servant Hanuman is situated.

Do: visit the Janakpur city and its Janaki temple, or if you want to remain the valley visit the Kathmandu Durbar square and Bhaktapur, Hanumante.


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