Holi is the Nepalese festival which is known as Fagu Purnima where Fagu is the sacred red powder and Purnima means full moon, which falls on first half of March (on the 16th March of 2014 this year). This is one of the most important and popular festivals of Nepal, as it are the festival of colors, love and victory. In Nepal, since more than 80% of the citizens are Hindus, it is a national festival and everyone celebrates it regardless of their religion e.g. even Muslims celebrate Holi. This festival is celebrated by spraying colors and waters over each other, and also people enjoy Holi by drinking Bhang. It is meant to forget all the sorrows, differences, free away from stress, and instead bring friendliness, forgiveness and every colors of happiness into life. This festival is also celebrated as a thanks giving for the good harvest and also known for welcoming summer and spring.

Allegedly named after the mythical demoness Holika, it is the day when the feast of colors is celebrated. This festival is a tribute to Lord Bishnu, his greatest follower (who also happens to be the son of the demon king and nephew of Demoness Holika) and Lord Ram (the 7th reincarnation of Lord Vishnu).

Holi starts one week before the main day of Holi in Nepal. There is a ritual of erecting the long bamboo stick (lingo) covered with pieces of different colors clothe (chir) in Basantapur Durbar Square, Kathmandu at the beginning of the week. To mark the end of the Holi the festival the lingo is taken down and the Chir is burnt. This event is called Chir Haran or Holika Dahan.

Lots of tourists participate in this festival with the locals especially in the Thamel and Durbar Square areas. This festival is also becoming popular throughout USA and Europe.


What else? Stay in (or come to)Thamel, wear old comfortable clothes that you won’t mind to throw away (cause nobody is safe from color on this day and nobody is meant to) and if you would like to play with locals just buy some colors, water guns, balloons and/or bucket and just join anyone in the street.


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